Change the political system, save the earth.

Univercity - a collaboration project on learning how to make change happen in today's business and society.




To gather groups of change agents and develop people's skills as Architects of Change.




Change the political system to benefit societies and to save the earth and humanity.




We need to change the system on how political and important decisions are made to save our global society and the human made eco-system from self destruction.




The challenges of today's society are largely due to human behavior. If we continue to focus on solving the challenges of constantly developing new product and services, what will happen with our earth in the end? Will we survive? Major societal challenges need a radical change in our political systems. We are in a paradigm shift with new knowledge of learning and behavioral change. Let's use it smarter, then magic will happen and everybody wins.




Univercity represents a new way of learning to change the behavior of organizations and humans. We are a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to transform how people gather to connect, learn, collaborate, find solutions, make decisions and processing actions to change human behavior and solve social challenges. Univercity is a work in progress.

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